The beginner guide to bingo and slot gambling

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that online gambling has taken over the offline casinos. In the last one decade, the market share of online gambling operators has drastically increased followed by the exponential rise in the player base and profits of the operators. However, online bingo games and slot machines contributed a lot in the success of online gambling scene in the last one decade. Both games are being played on a regular basis by millions of players across the world. There are now hundreds of online bingo and online slot sites operated by leading online casino operators that are offering a versatile range of bingo games and slot machines. But, with the arrival of new variants and styles, those who are new to the online version of the games have to understand the game-play before taking the plunge. Thus, we bring to you the beginners guide to bingo and slot games.

How to play the game of bingo

Online bingo games come in various forms or variants including 30ball, 75ball, 80ball, 90ball, 5 Line bingo etc. Each variant comes with a unique game-play, features and theme that players need to follow to become a winner. However, what binds them together is Cards. Bingo cards have to be chosen carefully by any players as the game revolves around the cards. New players are advised to play with a couple of cards in the beginning, and seasoned players can play with as many cards as they want The cards are in the form of grids with a series of numbers marked in rows and lines to make the game easier.

Bingo and slot gambling

There is an automatic teller that randomly picks and draw numbers and players on the other hand quickly need to mark of those numbers on their cards during the course of game. Once you are able to make a proper line or multiple lines or mark off all the numbers called, you will achieve full house and win a prize. This is the actual process of playing the game of bingo online. And those who want to wager and win must participate in promotions to enhance their winnings. The game of bingo comes with fixed jackpots and progressive jackpots.

How to play online slot machines

Modern video slot machines are so diverse that players will get new theme, design, concept, features etc in almost every slot machine. These slot machines basically consist of Symbols, Paylines, and bonus rounds, bet level, return to players and progressive jackpots. Players will get around 12 symbols with Wild, Bonus and Scatter being major ones, over 25 paylines. Every slot machine comes with a bonus round that gives players a chance to play mini games and win a progressive jackpot. Here, players have to play with more paylines to create more winning combinations that will eventually take them closer to big jackpots. Every single symbol plays a vital role, thus players need to be focussed while playing with symbols. The best part of the modern online slot machines is that they come up with free spins, thus players must take advantage of them in order to learn and earn without wagering much.

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